Hours after wife’s death man climbs up transformer to end life


Sakthi often used to quarrel with Thenisha demanding more dowry. A week ago, Thenisha returned to her mother’s house at the village after relationship between her husband strained over alleged dowry harassment.

On January 5, Sakthi’s mother moved up to the village and engaged in a dispute with Thenisha, who ultimately got frustrated over this issue and consumed poison.

Thenisha was admitted to the Madurai GRH on Monday, but declared dead around 6 am on Tuesday. Nilakottai police have filed a case under Section 174 of CrPC following her death.

Meanwhile, Thenisha’s death prompted an RDO inquiry and Sakthi, her husband, was summoned to appear before the inquiry commission.

When Sakthi along with his relatives approached the Madurai Collectorate for the inquiry, the dejected Sakthi all of a sudden climbed up the transformer to end his life fearing police action, sources said. Tallakulam police have filed a case.

2020-01-08 sakthi quarrel thenisha demanding dowry strained alleged harassment january dispute ultimately frustrated consumed madurai grh declared nilakottai crpc prompted rdo inquiry summoned relatives approached collectorate dejected climbed transformer fearing sources tallakulam

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