Girl dies of ‘mysterious fever’ in Tirupur


Varshini was then rushed to a private hospital, but was declared brought dead by doctors. Following the death of the girl, a medical team from the Savadipalayam primary health centre has been camping in Sivanmalai for precautionary measures.

Meanwhile, at the Tirupur government hospital, a six-year-old girl is undergoing treatment for dengue, while 79 people have been admitted for fever.

The girl from Perichipalayam has been hospitalised for the past three days and is said to be recovering. Doctors in the hospital said that many migrant labourers, who were living under poor sanitary conditions in Tirupur, were hit by fever and dengue cases.

Of the 79 people admitted for fever, 40 were children. As the district has been under the grip of fever, the Health department has taken up fogging in all schools, which were to reopen after puja holidays.

2019-10-09 varshini rushed declared savadipalayam primary centre camping sivanmalai precautionary measures tirupur undergoing dengue perichipalayam hospitalised recovering migrant labourers sanitary fogging reopen puja

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