Tamil Nadu request for changes in new edu policy binned


However, Tamil Nadu sought several amendments to the new education policy, especially at the school level, after getting feedback from academicians and stakeholders through the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT).

Accordingly, the concerned authorities in the State government also wrote a series of letters to MHRD seeking region specific amendments in the policy, sources said.

A senior official from the School Education department told thatsbharat that the main amendment to the education policy that was requested by the State was to withdraw the proposed board examination for Classes 5 and 8 as it was opposed by educationists and teachers.

“After the Centre rejected the State’s proposal to withdraw board examination for Classes 5 and 8, the Tamil Nadu government once again urged MHRD to provide at least three-year exemption to conduct [board] examination for those classes,” the official said, adding, “However, the Centre once again declined to heed to the request of the State”.

Stating that the Tamil Nadu government had no other option but to conduct the board examination, the official further said, “If the board examination were introduced, the existing no-detention policy will also be reviewed.”

“The MHRD also made it very clear that there will not be any State-specific amendments as the authorities have already taken into consideration all feedback and opinion from stakeholders across the country and there will be no further amendments to the new education policy,” the official said.

The Centre has also clarified that if no-detention policy still exists, all the schools must ensure that children are achieving age-appropriate learning levels, the official added.

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