Tamil Nadu still has a void for a potential leader: Rajinikanth


In the press meet he said, “The media has blown the Thiruvalluvar issue beyond proportion. In the Ayodhya case, I advise people to stay calm, however the verdict turns out.” 

To a reporter who asked him about the Indian economy, Rajinikanth said, “Yes, Indian economy is facing its hard times. The Central government should definitely take necessary actions on it.” 

“Following the footprints of MGR, I will also continue to act in movies until I start my own political party”, he said. Rajinikanth further added, "Thiruvalluvar is a reverent figure and a saint who had deep religious affiliation. No one can deny that."

When asked about Stalin's arrest under MISA, he refused to comment on it.

2019-11-08 thiruvalluvar proportion ayodhya verdict economy rajinikanth footprints mgr reverent affiliation stalin misa

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