PPFA urges govt to revive Hindu shrine in Balochistan


The Hinglaj Mata Shakti Peeth temple is located in a mountain cave on the bank of Hingol river inside Hingol National Park, adjacent to the Makran coast of the Arabian Sea in southwest Pakistan and is a revered place for Hindus as thousands gather there to pray.

Baloch nationalist leader Hyrbyair Marri, in a recent conversation with journalists of Guwahati Press Club via video conferencing, mentioned about the temple which is presently in a deplorable condition due to indifferent attitude of Pakistani authorities.

Marri, who is the president of the Free Balochistan Movement, however, stated that Baloch nationalists have a high regard for the Hindu shrine even though the majority of them are Muslims.

According to religious legend, Sati's head smeared with 'Hingul' (vermillion) had fallen at the spot where the Hinglaj Mata temple is located.

"We appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take personal interest to enhance diplomatic efforts to revive the Hinglaj temple and pave the way for Indian pilgrims to visit the shrine. As the Baloch nationalists are secular in nature, they may also be taken into confidence in fulfilling the mission," a PPFA statement said on Wednesday.

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