Modi hails Advani' s role in making BJP ' dominant pole' in Indian politics


The Prime Minister met Advani at his residence here and greeted him personally.

He earlier tweeted that if the BJP had "emerged as a dominant pole of Indian politics, it is because of leaders like Advaniji and the selfless karyakartas (workers) he groomed for decades".

Modi noted that Advani "toiled for decades to give shape and strength" to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

"Scholar, statesman and one of the most respected leaders, India will always cherish the exceptional contribution of Lal Krishna Advaniji towards empowering our citizens. On his birthday, I convey my greetings to respected Advaniji and pray for his long and healthy life," Modi wrote on Twitter.

"For Advaniji, public service has always been associated with values. Not once has he compromised on the core ideology. When it came to safeguarding our democracy, he was at the forefront. As a minister, his administrative skills are universally lauded," he added.

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