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Who is Nesamani and why is seemingly everyone in the world praying for him on Twitter?

Many Indians were left wondering what was going on as #Pray_for_Neasamani and #Nesamani began trending first in India and then across the world.

And no-one seemed to know him - apart from those from the southern state of Tamil Nadu who began the trend.

Contractor Nesamani is actually a fictional character from a 2001 Tamil film played by an iconic comedian.

The "plea" to pray for him is based on a scene from the popular film Friends.

In the scene, Nesamani is a building contractor played by actor Vadivelu. He is trying to restore a historic building, but is struggling with his bumbling assistants who insist on taking everything he says literally.

Disaster soon strikes.

One of them, who is trying to fix a doorway at the top of a staircase, drops his hammer. It lands right on top of Nesamani's head, causing him to (very theatrically) fall down.

#Nesamani is still the number one trend in India on Twitter, and also the second trend worldwide. 


The power of Tamil Twitter was once again on full display as a hashtag began trending in Chennai on Wednesday afternoon. The hashtag #Pray_for_Neasamani requested people on social media to pray for someone called Neasamani and quickly gathered traction. By Wednesday night, it was among the top trends in the world.


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